Wrought Iron Chandeliers Handmade

Wrought iron chandeliers – Germany is the historic Castle Dagstuhl, built during the eighteenth century. The prestigious Hall of arms displays the insignia of their real inhabitants. Lit by a heavy iron chandelier, the royal family of lighting choice illustrates the prestigious position enjoyed by handmade wrought iron chandeliers from the early days in Europe and other countries. Made in different countries, iron chandeliers are still popular internationally, not only in royal circles as well as millions of ordinary people’s homes.

Lighting wrought iron is synonymous with heritage in Mexico. Located in the central region of the country, companies like Rustica House offer unique and customized products, including iron chandeliers. The company has a wide selection of iron forged chandeliers to high-quality hand and with standard dimensions or custom, as well as lanterns and lamps. Some of the inspirations for the creation of the products come from the homes of the nobility of South America and Europe.

Established in Tucson, Arizona, and still a family business, Antigua Mexico offers handmade wrought iron chandeliers made in Mexico. The company sells standard chandeliers as well as custom, according to customer specifications. The Antigua Mexico receives visitors in his showroom in Tucson only by appointment.

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