What is The Difference Between Traveling and Travelling

The word traveling is
very familiar among us. Traveling is my hobby, and probably many people’s hobby
as well. When it comes to choose between traveling and travelling, because we
often here both of the words in our daily life. You may feel so confuse what
word to choose among traveling and travelling. Which one is the right one? Here
are the explanation about it, hopefully will not make you feel confuse anymore.

traveling is a very
fascinating hobby, because you go to the other place and see new beautiful
places, feel the new experience, and enjoy different cultures and life style in
that place. How many times people use the word traveling, people use it in
articles, as well as in daily conversation.

Which one is the
right, ‘travelling’ or ‘traveling’. The answer is, both of the words are true.

When you read word
‘traveling’, it must be American who writes it. When you read the word
‘travelling’, it must be UK who write it. American English usually shorten
something, so they eliminte another L in the world travelling, so it become
traveling. However, Australian and UK specially use word travelling. The use
British English so the double the last consonant when it only has two or less

So, it is right if
you want to use both of the words for both conversation and writing. But you
need to know with who you are talking, or for who you are writing. When you are
facing American, it is better to use traveling. When you are talking with
British or Australian, the word travelling is the most appropriate.

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hope this article is really helpful for you who feel so curious. Happy
traveling/travelling guys!