Wall Mount Magnifying Mirror with Light Ideas

A magnifying mirror with light eliminates shadows and gives you a better idea of what your makeup will look like. Often the mirror is magnified, so you can clearly see what you are doing. Place the mirror at eye level with you so you do not have to lean forward to use it. Use a stud finder for finding the nearest stud to the desired position of the mirror, if available, and draw a vertical line along it.

Locate holes at the base of the magnifying mirror to add screws and mark these positions on the wall. Make sure the holes are along the line stud. Drill a hole in the wall with a 3/8-inch drill bit, as recommended by Conair at the locations you marked. If you do not mark locations along a stud, drill a 1/8-inch drill bit and insert a plastic wall anchor into each hole.

Place the mirror’s base over holes and remove the screw covers. Insert screws into the holes and screw them into the wall. Continue until the screws stop turning and magnifying mirror hanging on the wall without wobbling or hanging down. Replace the screw covers and insert the batteries into the makeup mirror. Turn it on and check that everything is working properly.

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