Popular Oversized Floor Mirror

Decorating home with oversized floor mirror embraces a whole world of possibilities, there is such a variety of styles and formats as ways to use them. In previous articles we could see different ways to take advantage of them such as their context in decoration of bathrooms, learning how to illuminate correctly and varied options to decorate with them other areas of house alternating combinations and compositions.

Today we took down from wall to provide a new point of view: decorating with oversized floor mirror flat on floor. Does it seem strange? Well, it is not at all, this trend, increasingly rising, promotes relaxed and carefree spaces and styles suits both contemporary and minimalist as more rustic and bohemians.

In any entrance of a house it is essential to have a mirror, either to multiply natural light, increasing visual space, or to always have on hand possibility of having these tweaks last minute before walking out door. Whatever reason, a resting on floor mirror large format is an original way to decorate this space, breaking traditional schemes, but always infallible, placing a horizontal mirror on console. This new version, aside and vertically, oversized floor mirror provides a greater role, giving a stunning visual effect, while offering a more modern and casual.

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