Travelling Tips With Less Budget

Going traveling will
need high budget, and it will be sometime overwhelming. So, is that possible to
go travelling with limited budget? Of course it is. Be a smart traveller, spend
less budget to get greatest travelling experience. We can break the opinion
that going travelling needs high amount of money. Experience something amazing
with beloved ones in limited budget only.

The seasoned budget
travelling will not be cheap. People spend more dollar for travelling, they
save money from months before. You can do many things here to make your
travelling is very cheap.

Just do the things
here, and you can save more money even until hundred dollars.

Cheap Flights

Price of tickets for
flight or train, or bus, would be very cheap. Choose cheap tickets, some
company or airlines offer cheap ticket. You also can look for the promotional
ticket, or ticket in weekdays. Weekday ticket will be cheaper than weekend
ticket. You can save money up to 50%. Choose economy class if you want to save
more money.

in Weekday

Weekday price flight
will be lots cheaper than weekend flight. Avoid fly in weekend, unless you need
to pay more.

Alternate Airports

Consider alternate
airports that offers you low-cost airlines. If the destination is not a major
city, choose the airport bringing you closer to the destination.


just fit everything
you need for your trip in a carry-on bag, do not take too much stuffs because
it can make your bag heavy. The more weights and bags you have in to the flight
can cost higher than the single bag. So, make sure you pack things that you
need the most. Then, it can help you to save more money. Check things before
you fly.

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to Rent House or Apartment

The price of hotel
would be so expensive, and the space is limited enough. If you are travelling
in group, it is better to rent house or apartment because it will be so much
lower cost than living in a hotel. Beside, the space is also usually larger.
However, you cannot enjoy many facilities what you can get in hotel.

to Walk Everywhere

When you are in a
vacation, consider to walk everywhere so it can save money than you pay taxi.
Choose low price accommodation such as public transportation. If you pack good
pair of shoes just try walking because it makes you healthy and can save
hundred dollars.


you go travelling to a place, it is better for you to do the research about
that place. Where you can find healthy cheap foods, what places you can visit
with low budget, and many more. It can help you a lot during your vacation.