Modern And Vintage Stiffel Table Lamps Style

Not much thought was put aesthetics in the design of lamps. Stiffel table lamps were founded by Ted Stiffel, set out to do quality lamps that add more light to the room. His designs have been trendsetters of the lamp, since they were first made in 1932. Stiffel lamps continue to make these lamps quality design today.

The lamp consisting of a lamp post with conical under him. The pole stretched from floor to ceiling and had a spring tension to hold it in place. The cone-shaped lamps could be pointed in any direction to illuminate the entire room. It was early version tract lighting. Stiffel table lamps make current versions of these lamps. They also make a variety of floor lamps individual poles that either extends upwardly with a single balloon at the top.

The magnificent shades of color go with almost any decor. Unlike many imitations of Tiffany, whose glass is so thick shadows just let in light, glass shade stiffel table lamps is done so that the light coming through the glass and accentuates the colors. The detail of the stained glass shade makes each a work of art. Stiffel table lamps offer these lamps now identical to those of the old lamps seen in the homes of their grandparent’s styles.

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