Several Facts About Cancer To Know

Cancer is a nightmare, it is a
very bad disease which leads its suffer to the death. There are many types of
cancer you need to know. More than it, you also need to know many facts about
cancer, its definition, how to prevent it, and other facts about it you should
realize earlier.

What Is Cancer?

According to, “Cancer is the single name assigned to more than 100
diseases. Though cancer was once referred to as a “wasting disease,” it’s
actually the result of abnormal cells that multiply and spread out of control,
damaging healthy cells along the way. Most cancers result in tumors but those
that affect the blood do not. Cancer can occur in any part of your body.”

Based on this definition, we know
that cancer includes 100 types of diseases. It is an abnormal cells spread out
of control in our body, in any part of body.

How to Prevent it?

The frequently asked question
about cancer from people is about how to prevent it. Of course we can prevent
cancer attacking our body by keeping healthy life style, and preventing
consuming carcinogens suspected substances in our foods. Experts believes that
half of all cancers and cancer-related death are preventable. It is an
excellent issue, we can start right now by doing healthy life style.

Many people also ask, is it
genetics or not? Only a very small percentage of cancers (between 5-10%) have a
genetic link. So, it is very few opportunity to descent cancers to children.
However, if your parents is a cancer patients, you should do extra prevention
by diet, exercising, and also detoxification. It will be very important to do
by every family member.

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Cause Cancer

There are many factors which can
cause cancer. The major points is our life style itself. Our way of eating,
what foods coming to our body, is junkies or healthy foods? Eating too much
junkies can contribute more to your body to suffer cancer. So, one of the best
thing to do to prevent cancer is eating healthy foods, and consume anti-cancer
foods such as apple.

Beside, pollution and smoking will be other factors causing
cancer. Environmental factors can increase your risk of cancer. The water you drink
and the air you breathe can contribute to your health. Heavy metal toxicity and
bad personal care and household or house cleaning also can cause cancer. Stop
smoking right now! 90% lung cancer patients are caused by smoking, and 22% of
all cancer death due to lung cancer caused by smoking.