Installing Hacked Floor Mirror IKEA

Floor mirror IKEA – The corrugated IKEA mirrors, known as KRABB mirror, are a long-wave mirror with exterior dimensions. It can be hang vertical or horizontally and its light weight makes it easy to hang on virtually any surface. The company provides mounting brackets with mirrors so the only additional supplies required nails or screws to mount the brackets.

Set the location of where you want to mount the floor mirror IKEA. The mirror across different sites and experimenting with both horizontal and vertical directions until you find the settings you want to use. When the location is specified, determines the method to be used to hang the mirror. If you mount the mirror in a stud in the wall, is a nail enough to mount the brackets. If you hang the mirror on drywall, is a threaded screw best.

Hammer or screw top two fittings supplied with the floor mirror IKEA into the wall. Controls the first two fittings placed evenly by means of a spirit level. Slide the mirror into the top two fittings. Have an assistant hold the mirror in place against the two fittings while you assemble the remaining two fittings crush on the mirror. When fittings are mounted, the mirror stays locked in place.

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