Safety Way to Hang Mirror of Mirrored Buffet

Mirrored buffet – Mirrors are a great accent to any room, because they are functional as well as decorative. Definitely do not want the mirror to come crashing down, so there is a bit of a safety issue involved as well. Locate the studs. Measure the length of the mirrored buffet. Note the town of mirrored buffet, and mark it on the wall with a pencil. Measure the width of the mirror. Note down the middle of the mirror and is marked by placing a piece of transparent tape on the front of the mirror and draw a small line on it with a marker.

Line up the wall marks. Holding a yardstick vertically on the measurement center mark for mirrored buffet, line it up with the measurement of where you decided to hang the mirror. Make a mark on the wall where the two measurements are crossing each other. Hang the picture hook. Place the picture hook that came in the picture hanging kit in the middle of the mark you made in step 3, and hammer it into the wall. Hang the mirror. Carefully place the mirror on the wall, not letting go until you know it is safe.

The underline is, to make the mirror stay still on its place, you must make sure that you put the strong glue, nail, or whatever to makes them balanced. thats all for the tips, now its our turn to make it happen on your own.

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