Reuse of an Antique Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirror – Antique Venetian mirror have an irresistible charm that makes it difficult to get rid of them, especially when they are family heirlooms or are full of memories. Antique Venetian mirror re usability gives them a new lease of life and help save the planet – end mirrors disposed in landfills. Perhaps an update renders them useless, even though the Venetian mirrors are still in good condition. They could be spotted and ugly or even broken. Reusing such antique Venetian mirror continues the tradition of keeping beloved antique Venetian mirror heritage within the family for the next generation to enjoy.

Create a vanity mirror tray. Stick a hand mirror at the bottom of an old tray of food serving silver. Add a touch of glamour to any coffee table. Turn 4 to 6 immersion glass bowls upside down. Space them equally spaced on top of a coffee table and tail down. Then paste the old mirror on top of these bowls immersion Venetian mirror up to a table reforming center. Show artwork in all its glory.  Hide spots around the edges floral pasting stickers on all mirrors border. Follow package instructions offset is.

Small scattered points deck randomly throughout the old mirror with snow snowflake stickers 1 or 2 inches; this mirror becomes an accent wall part. Soften the sharp edges of the broken fragments using hot glue or a sander on the edges. Create a mosaic wall mirror in a pot, pan or accent.  Re-use framework Venetian mirror the antique as a picture frame, key holder, or coat rack. Screw cup hooks or antique cabinet pulls to hold keys or coats.

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