How To Decorating Porthole Mirror

Porthole mirror – Skylight is a small window, usually used on the hull, to the flow of a circular light and air. In view of the resistance to corrosion in salt water is mainly used copper and brass. Ornamental window and porthole mirror nautical has important elements of the original casing and capture the feeling of the sea; are common in the maritime decor. Many are made of brass or aluminum, which is served in a variety of surfaces. The size can be varied, for example, from nine inches to twenty inches; Today you can find brass oval porthole on the market.

When choosing a skylight, choose one with a surface that will work with the overall style of the room, for example, for a rustic style room, you may want to consider a rust finish. Decorative robe is usually served with porthole mirror. One cup is often referred to as a skylight window. Some people successfully use Windows as a picture frame. Nautical porthole mirrors have different opinions and appeal; We prefer bronze porthole mirror for about fifteen or twenty inches. To add to the room and practically and low maintenance; Brass nautical coat is also very popular.

Porthole mirror in the shape of a bronze robe is excellent for home decorating, decorating the Interior of the hotel, Restaurant, or elsewhere. Bronze porthole mirrors placed on the appropriate accent furniture in the lobby at the entrance area of the home, in a restaurant or hotel offers elegance and style. Put them in a hallway, sitting room, Family business at home or wall space to another. In the atmosphere, can give a bronze porthole mirrors arranged along the walls, just the lighting and distance impact of eating on the boat.

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