Mirrored Night Stand: Unique Bedroom Furniture

Mirrored night stand is considered one of the most sophisticated furniture that can add to your home. Some people enjoy decorating your entire house in the style of mirror, and some prefer simpler, such as adding a nightstand in her bedroom mirror solutions. You do not have to worry if a nightstand with mirror matches the decor of your current home.

Because of its unique design that will favor any style of home. Furniture mirrored night stand is used to fix the environment. And definitely not the kind of furniture that is mixed with other furniture in the room as a night table with mirror is created to draw the viewer’s attention and increase the attractiveness of a bedroom.

Biggest advantage of having a mirrored night stand is that it will make the room appear larger than it really is. The illusion of space is created, and for that reason furniture mirror is recommended for use in smaller spaces and smaller rooms. You do not have to over do it, not a cabinet with mirror properly selected will be enough to do the trick. Of course, a bedside table with mirror is ideal not only for aesthetics, but also for storage space.

Painting Mirrored Night Stand Cheaply and Elegant

To find tables’ bed at affordable prices for your home, go to a thrift store. Auctions, thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales neighboring certainly are potentially yielding. Search tables or obsolete items that can be converted into cheap tables and elegant evening with a variety of crafts and painting techniques. Something old and unattractive can be new again to create a unique style nightstands improve and help define the decor of any room.

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You will need a wooden frame support suitcase, like those found in a hotel room, and an old vintage suitcase. It covers the handle of the mirrored night stand with tape. Paint the entire outer surface of the suitcase and the suitcase holder with latex paint light blue acrylic or a color of your choice. Repeat with more layers for complete coverage. Let the paint dry.

Paint mirrored night stand with a second layer of crackle paint medium. Leave it to dry until it has a sticky texture. Crackle paint on the white paint with acrylic latex home or a color of your choice. The white paint is cracked immediately, showing the blue below. With the suitcase beside him, determines which side wills the table. Place the bag with the face down. Apply cement home to top rails and straps in the suitcase stand. Place holder suitcase suitcase backwards, pressing the rails and belts against the suitcase. Place a heavy object on the support until the glue dries. Turn right up the table and remove the tape.