Modern Mirrored Credenza Furniture for Room

Mirrored credenza – we have designed furniture for that space and I have not resisted the temptation to remodel others (I have the comfortable twin bedroom Valentine, which was stored in the depths of a closet at my Grandma to rest in peace, and as and the house was sold we distributed some -my furniture new game room it is the project awaits me in the next few months, also hers inheritance and comfortable old and battered again my hands only to be renewed again. I want to photograph everything that process and I’ll show you how it is becoming.

Meanwhile, while my desk takes shape, a few months ago I told them I became an old dresser waiting in queue to be renovated as well, mirrored credenza. As soon as I finish over the desk out of my Grandma that I reupholster and make some adjustments and then get on with my dresser. The idea of how will this in my dining room I have it pretty good, I know I store things there to release the kitchen but I do not know well, honestly speaking, is how to decorate it.

So I started researching and took several ideas that I hope you serve as much as me. This is actually for a sideboard as support for any table in the dining room. Let’s see. Top we find perfect symmetry. Mirrored credenza exactly two lamps placed in the corners of dresser and mirror, which more than anything is a work of art to the center. This is cute, beautiful and lovely for a traditional, classic dining room. I see that to liven up this furniture, you seek to use items such as lamps, candlesticks, vases, flower vases and sculptures are accompanied with mirrors and pictures. Below, two candlesticks also placed very symmetrically, with a centerpiece and three mirrors bottom, you see, all very proportional way, all very harmonious.

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