This movie “Logan” is the latest series of X-Men franchise. Although there are no Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Colossus and other exciting superheroes, the movie is just great. This is the story about the old and vulnerable Wolverine with Professor X, Caliban and a little girl Laura. Mostly, the series tells about Laura who is connected to Logan. The release date was on March 3rd 2017. This means a brand new movie to watch. The genre is science-fiction with drama which has 2h 18m play time with budget 97 million USD.

A weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X at a remote outpost on the border of Mexico. Well, where the mutants are most of them died and vanishing, the plan is to hide from the outside world. Well, the old and weary Wolverine has to deal with dark forces to protect a young mutant girl named Laura who turns out to be his biological child.

My question is how Wolverine has got the claws back? In the previous Wolverine series “The Wolverine”, he lost his claws in the fight against a giant samurai adamantium robot. It said by Bryan Singer that Magneto has the ability to reconstitute them. When? How? Why? I do not think that Magneto is kind enough to help his enemy. I am sorry but both Magneto and Wolverine are not in the same side. I believe that I have heard that once adamantium is hardened, it cannot be broken or melted. The story is labile and immature.

Logan pushes the extreme limits of X-Men movies after Deadpool. The language and violence are intolerable. This is not a movie for family especially children. An R rating is what Logan deserves. This is due to the brutal and bleak action superhero movie.

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Okay, Laura the young girl mutant is a biological child of Wolverine. It is fine for me, but how she has the claws? Are they planted onto her body? As far as I can remember, the adamantium Wolverine claws are not original but planted. There should be a story that explains this odd.

Other questions are about how the Wolverine gets old? I mean a super strong guy who has been living for centuries got a parasite inside his body. This is so silly and unacceptable.

Another question which really bothers me a lot is about Professor X. How can he still alive? In X-Men: The Last Stand, it is obviously clear that Phoenix “Jean Grey killed tears him to pieces. This is so unacceptable.

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