Journey to Singapore, What to Explore

Singapore is one of
the smallest city in the world. However, you still can enjoy many things in
this small country including its beautiful city, beautiful nature, and the
endulging technology. Singapore becomes the most advanced country in Asean,
followed by its neighbor Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore becomes one of the
interesting destination in Asean to visit.

Thailand, Philipines
and Indonesia offers mostly their beautiful nature for vacationing especially
international tourism. Unlike those countries, Singapore tries to offer
something different concerning on technology and its advanced system of the
town. Do you want to have a journey to Singapore, let’s make a plan right now,
and it will be very interesting.

What to explore in
Singapore? Is that so worthwhile? Here are many things you should noted.

By The Bay

Singapore offers you
a beautiful garden namely Gardens by the Bay. It is a nature park in Singapore
lying on 101 hectares located in central Singapore. You need to visit this
place when going traveling to Singapore, it consists of some places such as Bay
South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.

Botanic Garden

If you want to see
the tropical plants of Singapore, you also should try to visit Singapore
Botanic Garden. This place is located near the Singapore’s main shopping belt.
This place is around 156 years old it is also honored as a UNESCO World
Heritage Site.


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Going to Singapore
will feel less attractive without visiting its zoo. This place is formerly
known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens and commonly known locally as the
Mandai Zoo. It is placed on the 28 hectares in the Singapore’s heavily forested
central catchment area.


Do you want to
experience something different than a regular zoo, you can consider to visit
Singapore night safari. There you can interact with the nocturnal animal. This
is also as the first nocturnal zoo in the world, which makes this place also as
one of the most popular destination to visit in Singapore.

Studios Singapore

If you want to visit
a themed park and enjoy moments there, you need to visit Universal Studio
Singapore. This is located in the Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island,
Singapore. Universal Studio Singapore is also another most popular place that
tourists visit in this small beautiful country.

Night Tour

Just try another
experience in Singapore by seeing the town in night. It will be fabulous and
full of colorful lighting colors. The night also could be romantic somehow.


about spending time in shoutern ridges? You will love this place too, just like
the other places i have mentioned earlier. This is a 9-kilometre trail that
connects parks along the southern ridge of Singapore. It has beautiful view of
green areas and the brigdes connecting places.