How to Use Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote

Hunter ceiling fan is a ceiling fan small niche space has completed informal iron walnut or dark cherry blades. Hunter offers a universal remote control that can be programmed to operate in either a ceiling fan or lights. If the remote control malfunction Hunter fan of Nirvana, tips simple tips may have to work again in a few minutes.

In this article we will inform you all about hunter ceiling fan and how to use them. You must consider several issues related to this wind fan. Turn off the bedroom Hunter ceiling fan before trying to solve the remote control. Then remove the battery cover from the remote control. Remove the alkaline battery of 12 volts from the battery to reveal DIP switch remote. Remove corrosive residues that may have accumulated in the battery contacts on the remote control to enable the battery to complete the full circuit. Dip one end of cotton in a small amount of white vinegar. Wipe the battery contacts with a cotton swab to the wet end of a corrosive residue has been removed. Dry the battery with a handkerchief.

For the next, then to use hunter ceiling fan is enter the 12-volt alkaline battery in the battery compartment of the new remote control; observing the polarity shown in the battery. Replace the battery cover.


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