How to Make a Schoolhouse Pendant Light

Schoolhouse pendant light are lamps hanging from the ceiling. There are hundreds of different styles, and are available in chain stores like Target cheaper all the way up to high-end designers, and can cost from $ 10 to $ 10,000. But before shopping online or in brick and mortar stores, consider your pendant lamp. All you need is a few household items, balloons, crochet wire and skills of primary school paper mach and you will have a retro hanging lamp that is sure to be the center of attention. Inflating the balloon as big as you want the lamp can be suspended.

Take one end of the wire hook and attach it to the bottom of the balloon near the knot. Wrap the yarn crochet around the globe in different angles.

Hang the balloon to dry for a couple of hours. Ensure completely dry, then spray with a second layer of starch. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle, it was, and plugs your schoolhouse pendant light into the yarn world, with cable and extends from the hole. Install the hook on the ceiling where you want.

Keep the world upside down, with the cable coming from the top. Hang the schoolhouse pendant light cord hook on the ceiling.

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