Hang a Jewelry Mirror Armoire

Jewelry mirror armoire – Putting on a necklace or a pair of earrings can be a pleasurable act; jewelry is attractive and beautiful and is taking an extra small but effective step to make you look nice. Usually jewelry is stored in a box or chest on top of a dresser or vanity and is useful to have a mirror nearby. A jewelry mirror armoire will help you to insert your earrings, and to adjust and examine the overall effect of the jewelry occasionally. Follow these guidelines to hang a mirror of jewelry.

Select a mirror that is the ideal size and shape for you to use when putting on your jewelry. Choose a mirror in which you can see the entire face and chest. Designate a place where the mirror should be hung. Choose a location that is close to where your jewelry is stored. Ask a friend or helper to hold the mirror against the wall where you want to hang. Stand at a distance so far from the jewelry mirror armoire as they stand to put on your jewelry. Have your friend adjust the positioning of the mirror until you are in the right place.

Use a pencil to mark the spot on the wall where the top center of the mirror should be placed, holding the mirror in place slightly. Lower the wall mirror and side mirror put down on a flat surface. Hammer a nail into the wall above the pencil point. Clear the light pencil mark you made on the wall to indicate where the top center of the mirror should be placed. Hang the jewelry mirror armoire on the spot.

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