Hang a Cheval Mirror on the Wall

Cheval mirror – A cheval is a full-length mirror which is supported by a stand which rests on the floor. A pivot screw on each side arm of the stand, the mirror can be tilted vertically. Cheval mirrors are usually set in heavy, decorative rectangular or oval frames. To hang the cheval mirror, it must first be removed from the stand. By the usual high weight of the mirror and the frame, the vertical force on the hanging hardware and wall must be distributed over different points on the wall and the frame.

Hang a Cheval Mirror on the wall, Place the mirror on a flat surface. Remove the mirror from the prior release by the articulated pins or screws from the arms of the state. Adjust the position aside. Put the mirror on the right side down. Using a pencil and a measure of four points on the mirror to highlight frame for installing eye bolts, with two points on each vertical portion of the frame.  Drill a pilot hole through each brand, with the aid of a drill having a smaller diameter than the threaded shanks of the eye screws.  Pass the end of the image through the lower wire left eye screw, resulting in a 4-inch tail.

Grasp the horizontal line near the top of the frame with your thumbs, a distance of about 4 centimeters apart. Grasp the top center of the wire in two places, 4 centimeters apart. Drill holes through each pilot hole mark on the wall. Install a wood screw into each pilot hole or anchor. Advance the screws until their heads protruding 1/4 inch from the wall surface. Hang the wire image, placed on the back of the cheval mirror installed on the screws.

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