DIY Mirrored Furniture Ideas

Mirrored furniture – Furniture with mirror fits perfectly with elegant art decor style shabby or glamorous room design. You can make your own furniture using mirror tiles mirror available in most stores and home improvement hardware. Mirror tiles come in a variety of finishes and designs to suit many projects home decor. Reusing old pieces of furniture with mirror tiles to make a dramatic difference in decorating your Room.

DIY mirrored furniture Ideas, Clean the surface of the furniture which will secure the mirror tiles. Remove any handles or knobs that will interfere with the application process mirror. If you are adding mirrors next to a closet, no hardware is involved.  Measure the total width and height of the area of furniture that will reflect. For example, if you are doing drawer fronts mirror, measure the length and height of the front of the drawer. Measure and mark one of the mirror tiles to fit the dimensions of the furniture.

Place a straight along the line marked edge. Run the glass cutter along the marked line in one fluid motion. Do not move the cutter back and forth; pull it down or push up along the line. The glass cutter not really separate the mirror in court; scores over the surface so that you can adjust the mirror apart. Use safety glasses. Apply mirror mastic to the back of the tile mirror. To cover the desired area of mirrored furniture with mirror tiles. Remove the tape after the adhesive dries. Paste the handles on the front of the mirror.

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