Cut a Frame Quatrefoil Mirror

Quatrefoil mirror – Using an old quatrefoil mirror to fill an old frame is a great way to recycle items for something new and reduce waste in a landfill. The only special tool required for cutting a quatrefoil mirror for a frame is a glass cutter inexpensive. Cutting a quatrefoil mirror is easy if remains constant, gentle pressure when the glass cutter is used.

Cut a frame quatrefoil mirror, measure the internal dimensions of the frame. Include lip rest against the mirror when inserted into the frame. Place the mirror reflective side up. Make the cut of the shorter first waste. Mark the length or width of the frame in the mirror in at least two places. Place a metal ruler on top of the mirror, and align with the marks. The rule must be long enough to extend through the quatrefoil mirror.

Align the glass cutter against ruler. Gently roll the wheel through the looking glass cutter from the nearest to you to the other side edge. Stretching the cutter all the way along the edge of the quatrefoil mirror. From the other end of the mirror, apply gentle pressure to roll the glass cutter along the cut. Place the mirror with the score about an eighth of an inch beyond the end of an edge of the table. Repeat for the other side of the mirror. Apply sealing edge mirror or transparent glaze to the cutting edges to protect the layer from oxidation quatrefoil mirror polish.

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