Creating Mirrored Window Film

Mirrored window film – One of the ways you can get the installation of high-reflective glass vision glass film. Reflective glass ribbon is generally made from two sheets of polyester, which has gone through a process that deposits a layer of very small particles of metal, usually aluminum, silver or bronze. It creates a very thin metalized layer between sheets of clear polyester, polyester adhesives and thin laminate support installed, and on the other side of the scratch.

When installed on a mirrored window film will reflect the colors of the image. If you have a room that is dark and very bright, the film allows you to take a look at a brighter place, but on the other hand, you have only the reflection of the room you have. You will not be able to see into the dark room. It works just like the film will reflect the image in a dark room there is not much light is reflected back and as so that it reflects the very boring, but on the other side of the room was very clear, and so the image is very bright and clear, also makes it so that when in the Dark Room.

The eyes do not realize that you are looking at a reflection. It looks like you are directly into another room. Because of the way the film works, it means the color window has its limitations, it is recommended to have at least a 4:1 ratio of light to get a one way mirror effect. When you install reflective mirrored window film on natural sunlight outside glazing will always be lighter than most artificial light to stop people who are looking into property.

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