Create a Nautical Chandelier With a Fishing Net

For processing of nautical chandelier, we use a fishing net with a diameter of about 30 centimeters, then we eliminate the external part, and we exploit the round ring as a support of the chandelier. At this point, we provide the relevant colored cloth with the marine environment, and a green pea, or a heavenly blue.

The first thing to make a nautical chandelier  we do after freeing the ring round the network, is to sew on the diameter of the colored cloth, which patiently before we made it like a cone. The latter in fact, must be positioned on the bottom with regard to the bulb holder and around the circle for the electric wires, which are to be wrapped with twine 4 (nautical type) that serve to anchor it to the ceiling.

The holder then fix the very tip of the conical part with epoxy glue, not until you have connected the two poles using electric wire long enough. The latter to make a nautical chandelier, we stretch then towards the round part, choosing the colored weave around the wires 4, which allow us to hook it to the ceiling, and then at the same time concealing them.

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