C7 and C9 Christmas Lights Cheap

C9 Christmas lights – Christmas lights are available in different varieties and each has a specific use. Some lights are ideal for cut Christmas tree, while others work best for outdoor decoration, and still others serve different purposes. With this plethora of options, you’re sure to find the right kind of light for all your Christmas decorating needs.

Higher than incandescent lights, C7 and C9 Christmas lights are what most people think of when they imagine the traditional Christmas lights. The lamps seem miniature lamps, and each screw into a socket of a sequence of light. For C7 and C9 bulbs burn hotter and brighter than their incandescent counterparts, you should not use them for interior decoration, where they can present a fire hazard. They are, however, ideal for outdoor decoration. Although this type of light is falling out of favor with consumers, professional painters prefer these lights for its reliability and brightness.

C9 Christmas lights can be used to decorate the outside of your home. C9 is a designation of the lamp size, which measures 3 inches long from the tip of the bulb at the end of its electrical contact. These lamps are a popular choice for people who want to decorate their roof lines, installing them in your gutters. Smaller bulbs are recommended for spruce trees, including Christmas tree.

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