Things to Know Before Buy Make Up Lighted Mirrors

Lighted mirrors – To apply make up properly, 1st Look into single-sided vs. two-sided lighted mirrors. Double sided lighted makeup mirror allows you to see your face in both a regular mirror and in a special mirror. The special mirror is usually an enlarged mirror. 2nd Test out the lighting on the makeup mirror before buying.

3rd consider purchasing a lighted mirrors with dimming capability. With a dimming mirror, you will be able to adjust the light until it’s just right for your make up application. 4th Look at the rotating ability of the mirror. Make sure the lighted makeup mirror moves around, so you can easily see every part of your face in the mirror.

5th Consider the size and shape of lighted mirror.  You must take into account the spatial considerations, the area you have. 6th choose between a tabletop or wall-mounted lighted mirror. A freestanding called cosmetic mirror allows you to move the mirror around.  8th If you purchase a lighted mirrors for the rest of your make up table, consider purchasing a portable cosmetic mirror with lights that can folded up, so you can use it for travel. You should also test the mirror is to ensure that it is stable and does not tip over easily.

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