Beveled Mirror: Cool for Interior Home

There are many projects home improvement that you can make use of tile beveled mirror. They are easy to find and easy to work. There are different colors and sizes of beveled mirror tiles. It can also be found in different shapes such as square or round.

Mirror tiles can help give a room or a more ornate object, refined look. A beveled mirror tiles appears naturally framed by bezel. When using mirror tiles on projects as a backsplash or on rear wall of a library, shop window or cabin, you have option to mirror tissue tiles solid mirror or using in a random pattern with ceramic tile. This is also true for art projects or works of art that incorporate mirror tissue. Different sizes of square mirror tiles with chamfers can be done in a surprising mirror mosaic. Mosaics can be solid clear mirror, or can integrate different textures and colors with addition of ceramic or metal tile mirror.

You can customize your beveled mirror his painting with glass or ceramic paint. It can be as simple as painting beveled edge around tile a different color. You can create a marble effect adding shapes and colors irregular lines. Flowers, leaves or plants, moving around edge if each tile looks good. If you have a steady hand you can try to paint words or groups of whole words. You could also paint one letter on each tile to add your name to a port or tested. Your creative possibilities are endless.

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