3 Caribbean Popular Destination Short Review

Do you know about
Caribbean? According to Wikipedia, the Caribbean is a region that consists of
the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. The region is
southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of
Central America, and north of South America. This region offers you very
beautiful view of its wonderful nature, offers you best place to travel with
somebody you love the most.

Caribbean offers most
beautiful beach in the world, with its fascinating underwater look. Yes, unique
local people and its tradition becomes another interesting things. This regions
has around 40 million people live there. You can enjoy your days in this place
very much.

In this occasion, i’m
going to share with you some best places you do not miss when you are traveling
to Caribbean. So, what are they? Here are the they.


Have you ever heard
about Curacao? This is a good place to visit in Caribbean consisting historic
settlements, rugged landscapes and plenty of fun in the sun. Everone will love
this look and having so much enjoy there. Willemstad is the main port city in Curacao.
The city is amazing as an Old World European city brightly painted Dutch
colonial buildings with pinks, yellows and blues into the cerulean St. Anna
Bay. The city is not only historical, in Curacao you also can enjoy diving and
enjoying the the semi-arid island is sheltered from the worst of the Atlantic’s
hurricane season. There you can enjoy the amazing outdoor look best of the

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Why should go to
Puerto Rico? There are many reasons why need to go to this place. It is just
because it has amazing thing you need to explore. It is only less than 3 hours
flight from Miami, and you can enjoy the town exploring many amazing things
here. It has both 20-foot waves for surfers and calm, clear waters for many

Puerto Rico also has
some popular places such as Calle del Cristo, Parque de las Cavernas del Río
Camuy, El Yunque, and many more. Do you want to try one by one?

You can also enjoy
other things beside its nature beauty in Puerto Rico such as having casual
drink at the San Sebastián bar.. Enjoying the nightlife, and also relax to
pamper yourself.


is a very popular name, it is the heart of the Caribbean, and also the
birthplace of reggae music. Jamaica has the all-inclusive resorts. So, why
should go to Jamaica? This place is called as the land of sugar cane, coffee
and limestone. You can enjoy cream-colored beaches, enjoying blue mountains,
and also explore waterfalls. Travellers can enjoy the all-inclusive resort, but
usually we cannot venture too far to the outside area. Jamaica is the
third-largest island of the Caribbean, you should make a traveling plan in the
beginning, and also choose your priority what to do first.