Do Not Eat These Foods Before Flying

Have you ever thing
that some foods may cause harmful reaction to our body when we are in flight?
Of course, drinking bad foods just before you go flight can be really harmful
for your body, which makes you cannot enjoy the hours flight at all. It will be
very terrifying, isn’t it? You should be prepare not to eat many kinds of foods
before going flight, unless it only will make your journey feels as a

I have experienced
flying from Singapore to Beijing, and it took around 7 hours duration. I eaten
extra meals just before the flight, you can guess what happens to me? Yes, i
felt little bit ache in my stomach, so I went to the toilet many times. It was
a nightmare. Then I decide to control the foods coming into my stomach the time
before flight. I do not want to experience it anymore. I hope you so.

Actually there are
many foods better to avoid before flight, including.


Carbonated Beverages

The Gas Giant

Too Spicy Foods

McDonalds Extra Value

Actually you do not
need to gut-busting trifecta of grease, alcohol and carbonation can help
contribute to a bloat-free flight. Eat more foods with good nutritions and more
energy. Foods like McDonalds Extra Value Meal such as greasy bacon, egg and
cheese sandwich contains extra fat and calories. Beside, this type of food also
can lead to swollen feet, or worse, deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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What is DVT? It is
the formation of a blood clot deep inside the body that when breaks free can
lodge in the brain, lungs or heart, causing severe damage, even the worse is
death. I think it is better to stop consuming it especially just before you go
to the sky.

The foods with
high-sodium also can cause you to retain water, further contributing to that
bloated feeling. So its better to avoids eating too much some healthy foods
such as onions, cauliflower, cabbage, beans and also lentils before the flight.
It is to avoid something bad happen to your body when you are in the sky. So be

In order to enjoy
going travelling, you also need to make your flight becomes as interesting as
possible. Do not let something bad happens to your body especially if it is
caused by food.