11 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the dream of many woman around the world. Of course staying healthy during pregnancy is the necessity. It is important for both mother and baby. Keeping our health during pregnancy will not be too hard. It can be done so interestingly. So, here are some easy and simple tips to stay healthy during pregnancy. Check it out!

  1. Don’t
    forget breakfast. Breakfast is a must. You need to do breakfast with cereals,
    fruits and some other foods containing high nutrients. Consider wheat toast, or
    whey bread.
  2. Eat
    foods with fiber. Fiber is important nutrient you should consume during
    pregnancy. You can find fiber in many types of foods such as leafy greens
    veggies, fruits, beans and also whole grains.
  3. Snacking
    is allowed, choose healthy snack. It should be low-fat and low-calories. You
    can consider whole-grain crackers with low fat cheese.
  4. Eat
    regularly. You need to eat at least 2 times in a day with high nutrients foods
    containing protein, omega 3, calcium, and vitamins. Choose foods that your body
    need. Stay away from junkies. You should add shrimp, tuna, salmon, mackerel,
    red meat, eggs, and other high protein and omega 3 foods into your list.
  5. Consume
    multi-vitamin. Do not forget to support foods with multi-vitamins that your
    body need.
  6. DO NOT
    DRINK ALCOHOL. Stay away from alcohol, and choose other healthy alternatives
    drinks during party.
  7. Drink
    plenty of water per day, at least 10 glasses a day.
  8. Do not
    smoke, and stay away from smokers.
  9. Wear
    comfortably. Choose the best comfortable tops and bottoms for your daily
    routine, and better to avoid high heels during pregnancy to prevent accident.
    Choose smooth and silky fabric for clothes material.
  10. Do exercise regularly. You can do easy exercise during pregnancy
    such as walk in cool, or other simple movement. You can do special exercise for
    pregnancy with a personal trainer. It can both keep you healthy and make avoid
    you from stress.
  11. Have adequate sleep.
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Take care yourself during pregnancy, it is for the shake of your
and your baby health. By doing the ways above, I hope it is helpful to make you
stay healthy. Good luck.